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360° Personal Financial Review

Net Worth Tracker

Track your net worth with a clear view of your assets and liabilities in one secure place.

Personalised Insights

Forecast your wealth time, make smarter choices with your money.

Personal Wealth Storage

Store key information on assets and polices, securely.

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What our customers think

I was referred to Steer from a reliable source. This has revolutionised how I have been "saving" my money and I now have actionable plans in place of easy to implement tasks to make the most out of my finances. Support has been very impressive and I am looking forward to the next 12 months.

Luke Hughes | Founder

Steer have supported me in setting up a financial structure for when wages enter my account. Coaching over Zoom and WhatsApp is perfect. I am learning through the process with advice that’s available online, when I need that experienced person to actually talk too before seeing it through, Steer are there.

Paul Lin | Business Owner

Simple pricing. Get your money sorted.

Invest for your future, save for a disaster. That simple.

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All tools provided in the standard account will be free forever for early adopters.

Debt Calculator

Net Worth Tracker

Retirement Calculator

Goal Calculator

Emergency Fund Analysis

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We offer a 20% discount on annual plans because we see greater customer engagement and results.

Tailored financial guidance

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24/6 customer support

Got a question, concern or feedback? Our experts are just a quick message away (chat, email, WhatsApp) 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday...and Saturday until noon!

Steer Smart Models

Take full advantage of insights from our tailor-made financial models, regularly updated to keep pace with real life.

Financial experts on tap

Changes to personal finances happens all the time, often out of the blue and beyond our control. Our experts guide you through those changes, no matter how big or small

We have big plans

Heavily influenced by our customers, we’re developing innovative tools and services to make financial planning fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

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Stretch Savings. Optimise Income.

Financial happiness guaranteed. After 30-days, if you don't feel happier about your money, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

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