Promoting financial wellbeing in the workplace Financial Fitness Days

Tailored fitness fitness days for your team, in a small classroom style setting for optimal learning.

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Employee Financial Fitness

After receiving a number of requests from forward-thinking HR professionals, we’re now holding tailored fitness fitness days for your team, in a small classroom style setting for optimal learning.

Our mission at WealthSteer is building an intuitive, online financial planning toolkit, together with professional 1-2-1 support so people are fully equipped to achieve their financial goals.

Workplace Financial Education

How we help your team

We’ve taken the core elements of what we do best when we work with customers on a 1-2-1 basis and we’ve created a series of classroom style learning sessions on the key financial areas that your people care most about.

All of our talks on the day are delivered by our founder Jamie Phythian, an experienced financial planner (regulated by the FCA), but hes spent the last 5 years working in the consumer financial technology sector.

This combination of having the core financial planning expertise, coupled with a strong understanding of all the latest financial products ensures your people get the right balance of knowledge on specific financial topics whilst also making sure the financial education is actionable too.

Personalised structure that works around your team and their needs.

We work closely with your management team in advance of the day to ensure your employees get the most out of time:

Staff surveys or at least opinion canvassing (e.g via your employee comms channels) to figure out which financial topics to cover and how many of each talk to hold

Each session will last 60mins (30min talk / 30 min Q&A) and we recommend 10-15 attendees per session (max 20). We work with you on logistics, especially important for multi site employers or those with remote workers

We give all employees access to our platform and livechat tool in the run up to and for a month after the talk so they Q&A with us their too.

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New features and services coming soon.

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